Still-Life: Homage to Bonnard, 2013
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 30 inches

Still-Life: Homage to Bonnard, 2013

“Our generation always sought to link art with life.” – Pierre Bonnard

(October 3, 1867 – January 23, 1947)

This goes to show you his ingenious composition and free brush work. To me this is a direct connection with the Bay Area Figurative painting movement. Richard Diebenkorn would individually suggest to look up certain painters.  For me personally he suggested Bonnard as well as Emilenolde, the German expressionist. The excitement of using Bonnard now as an instrument is almost like working with him at the same emotional level, the excitement and exuberance of color – handled with dazzling freedom. Ira Yeager January 2014