July 12 – August 5, 2012 Napa Valley Museum


Artist and creative thinker Ira Yeager has said ”I think what makes a successful painting is when you have it all working together — the darkness and the light in balance — thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition…It’s like playing out a dangerous game of chaos versus order. It’s the process toward the final product — a finished painting.” Ira brings together the full range of human artistic possibilities. He is a true eccentric, one whose outward expression may, at first glance, seem incomprehensible because he has a mind that is original and therefore cannot conform to societal norms. His creative output is incredibly diverse and imaginative – like an omnivore feeding on life. His passion for painting is reflected in the sheer number of works he has created; in each one you find a striving for the sublime in the human soul or a desire to capture the essence of an object. Ira Yeager: Modern  will surprise and captivate you. This exhibition draws on his early abstract expressionist and figurative works, his middle and late years with iconic Native American portraits and landscapes. With one foot firmly planted in the 18th century and the other in the present, Yeager doesn’t leave things behind, he transforms them. In his paintings, Yeager finds a balance between figuration and abstraction without a direct or intentional narrative. All are interior monologues beautifully transcribed into art. Creative minds are truly a gift to the world and Napa Valley Museum is grateful to present this exhibition of Ira Yeager’s works in all their complexity. This exhibition is an important commitment to the significance of combining a rich pallet of learning, inspiration, and enjoyment across wine, food, and the arts. Renay Conlin President & Chief Executive Officer Napa Valley Museum