IRA YEAGER: Process and Progression

August 13 – November 10, 2008 COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts


How many times in life’s journey do we meet the opportunity to create truly unique relationships? This may be a vague question to some, but to others it may bring back vivid memories, even the possible raw emotion. If so lucky, we may even get an opportunity to share these exceptional occasions with another. This exhibition, Process and Progression, An Exhibition of Pivotal and Transitional Works, 1958-2008, has been one of those exceptional occasions I am very pleased to have shared with you. There are numerous relationships that are represented here. First is the one I am proud to share with the painter, IRA YEAGER — a widely collected and significant contributor to the international and bi-coastal fine art culture of this country. Other relationships to proudly acknowledge are those that have been a pleasure of association during the process of preparation and installation of this exhibition. But the very most important could be the relationship the artist has kept with these represented works from his very “personal and private” collection. The inception and intent of this exhibition was to offer the viewer an opportunity to take a chronological journey through works that have been considered pivotal — more specifically, “seminal” — paintings. These are works that have been brought to fruition, then thoughtfully retained by the artist, to propel and facilitate these creative transitions. This has become a very effective and time-honored process of the artist. This foresight and unique direction has allowed us the ability to crack open “the vaults” at this juncture and to honor and acknowledge 50 years of Ira Yeager’s artistic process, progression and most pivotal transitions. I must say, it was truly a pleasure to curate and execute this exhibition with my “chap” Neil Harvey, Director of Exhibitions at COPIA. I think our only regret is that there were many other works we would have loved to be able to share in the context of this installation. I look forward to working with my great friend once again in the very near future. Here’s to those truly unique relationships … they are pivotal. Brian Fuller, Studio Director Ira Yeager’s Studio